Pegaso Broadband, a wholly owned subsidiary of Grupo Pegaso, legally operates one of the most advanced, reliable and secure HUBs in the world. Pegaso Broadband provides industry leading satellite broadband service and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

The Pegaso Satellite Broadband HUB is located in Atlanta, GA., and is engineered to offer the highest quality Internet access and broadband on the market, as well as other advanced value added services.

Pegaso Broadband has a strategic partnership with INTELSAT, which was founded in 1964 and today has a fleet of 51 satellites. Pegaso Broadband is positioned to offer services not only in Mexico, but throughout Central, South America and the Southern US by utilizing its state of the art Hughes and SurfBeam platforms and using any appropriate INTELSAT satellite.

Pegaso Broadband offers a wide range of value added services such as Internet access, remote location interconnection, VPN's, file sharing, remote access to multicast and data bases, and even Quality of Service (QoS) and Voice over IP. Pegaso Broadband maintains its technological advantage by offering services utilizing both DOCSIS and DVB-S2 protocols, while delivering the satellite connections efficiently, reliably and cost effectively.

Pegaso has the right solution for home, small business and Enterprise class organizations.